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What is Cordyceps?

Cordyceps or Chong Cao can be considered the king of herbs. It is 1 of the 3 super herbs of China with the record of ancient Chinese text since 1757. Cordyceps is from a larvae of caterpillar that have laid eggs underground and received the corcyceps mold during winter and would grow in the caterpillar until summer, the caterpiller would die and the mold inside the caterpillar would grow into cordyceps. Some people call cordyceps caterpillar in winter and medicine in summer. They can be found in Tibet, many provinces in China and Himalaya Range in India, Bhutan and Nepal. In the past, they were meals of emperors and Chinese dynasty for many centuries because cordyceps have many properties which can very well nourish the body so normal people or population have difficulty getting their hands on it.

Benefits of cordyceps

Disease that cordyceps have been accepted to take of and very effective are disease related to kidneys and lungs which are vital organs in the body functions. The medicine in cordyceps will go in and take care of the defective points of the lungs and kidneys. If a patient has a degraded lungs, cordyceps would help improve its function and helps take care of the side effect and spasm of the lungs. It can stop coughing and make excretion system normal. It helps help on blood vessels, take care of the heart system and take care of the brain infarction, cholesterol in the blood, blood viscosity and help take care of blood vessels. It can also increase cholesterol HDL and reducing the amount of LDL. It also creates energy to the body preventing it from being easily tired and to look stronger. That is because cordyceps help increase oxygen in our body. When the body have more oxygen, the body would be more invigorated and most importantly it helps prevent cancer. It would help prevent cancer cells in metastasis state from spreading and take care of side-effect, inflammation and fatigue from chemical treatment.

Result received from cordyceps

- Help take care of arrhythmia

- Supervise on severe disease such as cancer

- Take of care of lungs such as emphysema

- Increase brain cells and help prevent the body from bacteria and virus infection

- Enhance the bones and balance in the body - help take care of coughing, dissolving phlegm, colic and chronic coughing

- Help take care of allergy, asthma and various respiratory system

- Take care of fatigue from other illnesses

- Help adjust the balance of the lipid level and blood sugar

- Help kidney to have work efficiency

- Increase the performance and sexual desire both men and women taking care of sick people with impotence

- Invigorate your body and prevent it from being tired and weak.

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Why customers should choose our products?

According to the research from Quality Profile of China about Cordyceps Militaris, it is concluded that the volume of Cordycepins which is used to determine the quality of Cordydeps product is as follows.


Based on the above findings, Cordyceps Militaris of C-Cordyceps was sent for a test to find the volume of Cordycepin at King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi.

According to the test result on Cordyceps Militaris of C-Cordyceps, it was found that our product contains:

Cordycepin 1933.87 mg / 100g DW
Adenosine 191.49 mg / 100g DW
Which is in the product category of Extraordinary product. Each capsule has a volume of Cordyceps for 440 mg.

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